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Archives - Gnostic Tarot Cards Blog

Archives - Gnostic Tarot Cards Blog

The Beginning of Our Journey

  • Introduction to the Path of Return & Questions of the Seeker

  • Doctrine of Happiness existing in a unknowable alien experience and being contrary to ordinary every day consciousness

  • Challenge to Break old definitions and Encounter new Paradigms

He's Got The Whole World...

  • Introduction to Tarot Key 21 & Tarot Cards as Symbolic Alphabets

  • Interpretation of Symbols Within The Key

  • Buddhist Similarities of Maya and Measurement

  • Similarities of 21st Arcanum and Gnostic Principals

  • Philosophical Similarities

  • Relationships to Nag Hammadi text “Origin of The World”

Harmonious Dance … and The Cross

  • Balance , Hebrew Letter and Other Traditions

  • Interpretation of The Female Figure in The 20th Key & Similarities with Gnostic Sophia

  • Creation of the Universe With Nag Hammadi References of Creation

  • The Defilement of Sophia and Interpretation

  • The Cross and Gnostic Contemplation of The 20th Key

Who is She Really?

· Key 21 and Other Mythological Attributions

1. Nephthys

1a. Particular Customs & Relationships in Egyptian Myth


· Nephthys and Her Relationship to Other Known Deities and Figures in Egyptian Mythology in Particular Reference to Gnostic Texts of Nag Hammadi

· Story of Nephthys as a Metaphor of Duality and Conflict

Athena the Wise

· The Goddess Athena & Gnostic Similarities

· Greek Mythology and Key 21 Symbolism

· Athena & Hindu Tradition

· Symbolism of Tarot Elements and Jungian Psychology

· Call to Restore The Divine Feminine

· Yahwehism : The Negative Effects of Patriarchal Dominance in Religion and Culture